Black ink on archival cotton board. 91cm x 116cm
An archival print of 'London Town' has been acquired by The British Library and Museum of London

Fuller’s latest work London Town is a psychogeographic map of London: the unmistakable vibe of the ultimate metropolis. Instantly recognisable not just by the emblematic landmarks but also by the enchanting chaos beloved by all who know this crazy, pulsating, ever-changing but ever-beautiful world city.

Delve into the drawings: the unstoppable skyscrapers, the raw decadence, the infinite energy, the limitless creativity and the ceaseless urban expansion - all recreated here as a testament to a great city and its unbridled future. 

The unveiling of 'London Town' took place inside the St Pancras Clock Tower, London. 

Filmed by Fuller
The ten chimes from Big Ben symbolise the period in which London Town was drawn. 

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