91 x 116 cm
Black archival pigment ink
on cotton museum board

Notable collections: 
The British Library
Museum of London

London Town is a homage to our youth. The raw emotions you feel about a place - a love letter to the city” Fuller 

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The drawings are a documentation our experiences and the super-culture that holds London together. The work looks forward to the future while firmly grounding us in the reality of now. It is peppered with comments on contemporary society, though personal thoughts and memories are given almost equal prominence. The drawings can be symbolic and contain hidden meanings or stories. Sometimes these stories are personal but by no means not unique to me; the discovery of a secret place, the good friends I’ve made for life and witnessing the forever changing skyline.

An artist friend of mine compared my craft to the writing of novels. I like that analogy: bouts of intense solitude, pages of research, information overload. In a novel, the story is built atop a foundation of factual reality familiar to all. The overarching fiction is both an addition to and part of our collective experience. I find that all these traits are present in this work: a sometimes cryptic but ultimately accessible map of our shared home. For a short visit or for a lifetime, London is its own never ending world.

"Charting the changing structures of London between 2005-2015, ‘London Town’ is a densely packed
contemporary map of London which will provide Museum of London visitors with an intriguing, unique,
glimpse into the capital’s key landmarks and points of interest." 

– Pat Hardy, curator of paintings, prints and drawings at the Museum of London.




Filmed by Fuller

In this video Big Ben chimes ten times, symbolising the ten year period in which LONDON TOWN was drawn. 2005-2015.
It was filmed whilst cycling through locations and references content that feature on the artist's map.  
Fuller composes a unique London soundtrack to accompanying the visual journey. 


Copyright © 2017 Fuller