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BRISTOL – HAND DRAWN MAP – 900 x 900 -  Limited edition prints available to buy

The final balloon

The central and largest balloon on was left empty so the people of Bristol could make their mark on the map. I wanted to gather inspiration by asking for ideas. Marie Cooke from Brislington, and another chap who’s details I’ve mislaid, both reminded me of the medical research being carried out by Bristol University – The Children of the 90s.

Since the early 90s over 14,000 individuals have been taking part in ground breaking research. It is a very unique project and has been used around the world for many medical advances. I’ve used the outline style from the their logo, which happens to be a balloon, and have included hundreds of points which represent all those that have taken part in the trials. It’s a simple celebration of innovation and the dedication by all those involved in the project. It fitted perfectly with my vision. The balloon is very subtle, in keeping with the overall style and like many other curiosities on the map it contains a story which people share.

‘We are delighted and honoured to be associated with Fuller’s art work. The Children of the 90s balloon has been an iconic symbol in Bristol for over 20 years, so it’s great to see it so firmly “on the map”! - Lynn Molloy, executive director, Children of the 90s