Video filmed by Fuller whilst cycling around London

London Town is Fuller's new map. Drawing began in 2005 and was completed in 2015. It is a dense, meticulously drawn, cryptic code mirroring the city and its unmistakable vibe. Instantly recognisable not by the obvious landmarks, but by the, hedonistic, enchanting chaos, crazy beautiful, ‘Too much' metropolis that it is. The work is a mesmerising kaleidoscope to our association with youth, adolescence and progress into adulthood. Fuller lived, breathed and morphed into the capital to channel its character onto the map. 

It is the unspeakable feeling that a place transmits which Fuller communicates in the intricate detailing of a city with immeasurable density. Delve into the cryptic drawings of London Town; the unstoppable skyscrapers, dingy underground clubs, its decadence, the infinite energy, creativity, the expansion, its systems and its future. London Town is an emotional conversation that an audience can join, read, experience and create new. Learn more about Fuller.

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‘London was my playground, my back yard' Fuller